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1 Year Later, Chicago Condo Residents Still Pleading For Tarp's Removal

An attorney said in November that a tarp covering a West Loop condominium building was going to be removed in a few weeks

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One year after a large construction tarp was first placed outside a West Loop condo building, residents are still demanding its removal.

In November, NBC 5 Investigates first talked to the owners of several condos situated directly behind the white tarp, which covers the east side of the Clinton Complex at 500 S. Clinton St. The tarp was installed in January 2019 as part of a multi-year masonry project at the building.

Owners said the tarp made their building feel like "a box with no windows" and even a jail. One owner, Sushil Narsinghani, said every day is the same - dull, grey and gloomy.

"I need to know how much longer I'm supposed to be living like this," Narsinghani told NBC 5 Investigates.

Another unit owner, Peter Malewski, said he even lost a tenant over the problems caused by the tarp.

"She loved the community, loved the neighborhood, but just couldn't live in the living conditions," Malewski said, referring to the tenant.

In November, Attorney David Hartwell, who represents the Clinton Complex Condominium Association, said the tarp was necessary to protect the building and residents, adding it was scheduled to be removed in a few weeks.

He wrote that the protective tarp was required by the city of Chicago and was verified on three separate occasions by city inspectors to be appropriate and consistent with code.

When NBC 5 Investigates reached out for an update, the building manager referred us to the condominium association. No response had been received as of Monday evening.

"We absolutely have no idea what's going on," said resident Patty Bogosh. "It's going to affect all of us at some point whether we live in it today or not."

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