Which Congressional District Are You In? The Races You're Voting in May Be Different Now

Things have changed between 2020 and 2022, and that could mean a big difference for some voters in Tuesday's Illinois midterm election

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Do you know which congressional district you're voting in this Election Day?

Things have changed between 2020 and 2022, and that could mean a big difference for some voters in Tuesday's Illinois midterm election .

What you'll see on your 2022 ballot when you step into the voting booth will at least partially depend on where in the state you live.

Here's how to find out which races you'll be voting in and what else will be on your ballot.

Congressional Race

Among the items on the ballot will be local Congressional races, with voters voting in their specific districts. The map has changed between the 2020 and 2022 elections, with Illinois losing a Congressional seat, so districts were redrawn. You can find more information on which race will be on your ballot by inputting your address into this tool:  

Source: Illinois State Board of Elections
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Worker’s Rights Amendment

The first item on the 2022 ballot for all Illinois voters will be a proposed constitutional amendment to enshrine the right to unionize into the state’s constitution. Ballots will feature an explanation of what a “yes” or “no” vote means, and will feature the full reading of the amendment.

You can read the full text of the bill here.

Federal Races

U.S. Senate – Tammy Duckworth, Kathy Salvi, Bill Redpath

While 2022 is not a presidential election year, there is one federal race on the ballot, with Illinois voters choosing a senator to serve for the next six years.

Statewide Races

Governor/Lieutenant Governor – JB Pritzker/Juliana Stratton, Darren Bailey/Stephanie Trussell, Scott Schluter/John Phillips

Attorney General – Kwame Raoul, Thomas DeVore, Daniel Robin

Secretary of State – Alexi Giannoulias, Dan Brady, Jon Stewart

Comptroller – Susana Mendoza, Shannon Teresi, Deirdre McCloskey

Treasurer – Michael Frerichs, Tom Demmer, Preston Nelson

The next section on Illinois ballots will feature the five statewide offices up for election, with candidates listed in order of the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian parties. Voters will choose one candidate in each race.

State Legislative Races

-State senator races and State representative races will appear in this section. All 118 House seats and 59 Senate seats are up for grabs.

You can use the tool above to see which elections are taking place in your district.

Two Illinois Supreme Court seats are hanging in the balance with just a week left until the midterm elections, NBC 5's Mary Ann Ahern reports.

County Races

County clerk, treasurer, sheriff, superintendent of schools, county board and other similar offices will appear here. The best resource to find information on these races will be your respective county clerk’s office, with all sample ballots due to be published by Nov. 3.

Judicial Races

In addition to the Supreme Court race, appellate court races and circuit court races will appear here, as will judicial retention votes.

NBC Chicago has compiled information on the three Supreme Court races on the ballot, as well as information on which justices will go up for votes in your area.

For information on appellate court and circuit court judges, you can visit the Illinois State Bar Association’s website for a county-by-county breakdown, along with recommendations in each race.

Referendums and Ballot Questions

Finally, each community will have its own unique referendums and ballot questions. More information on the questions that could appear on your ballot will appear here.

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