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Your pets can’t talk, but if they could—these are the toys they’d ask for. Whether you just brought home your new best friend or you’re years-deep in the relationship, your pet pals have unique personalities that should be celebrated, with the right toys. Read on to see which products are the perfect fit for your home, based on your pet's behaviors. 

Always ready to play

If you’ve got an energetic, active doggo on your hands, the options for playtime are endless. Use rope toys for tug of war, or tennis balls and flying discs to play every dog’s favorite game: fetch! Your pet will be happy, and not to mention, this type of interactive play creates a stronger bond between you and your pet.

Biting down

Maybe you’re a new pet parent, and your pup is chewing up a storm. Not to be alarmed, that’s his way of soothing sore gums during the teething process. With chew toys, you and your dog can find relief as those adult teeth grow in. These toys, often made of rubber or latex, are a fun way to stimulate your pets, strengthen their jaws and help keep their teeth clean.


Your pet gazes up at you with adorable eyes…you can’t resist cuddling. If your dog seems to love some extra love, a plush squeaky toy makes an incredible comfort companion while you’re away. Like a baby and his favorite blankie, your dog won’t want to let go!

Riding solo

So your lovable pet has a bit of an independent streak. He doesn’t mind having his space or playing alone. In this case, check out a treat-dispensing toy—where your pet has to work (actually, play) to get to the yummy treat. This helps with mental stimulation and self-amusement—just like solving a puzzle!

Got an itch

Cats love to scratch—it’s simply a natural instinct. Help your feline friend by providing scratching posts to help hone her claws, and a cat tree so she can climb and jump to her heart’s content. Another useful strategy is catnip, a natural herb that can help lure cats to specific objects for scratching—it makes some cats super playful and some really calm. Sounds pur-fect. 

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