Favorite Ebert Memories

After the death of Roger Ebert on April 4th, members of the Chicago community discuss the upsetting death and memories they have of Ebert.

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Film critics Gene Siskel, left, and Roger Ebert made movie watchers feel like their opinions mattered, and after Siskel died in 1999, Ebert soldiered on for another 14 years.
Cheronne Anderson | 41 | Chicago
I grew up reading Siskel and Ebert's reviews. After he found out about his cancer, he just carried on. Very well respected and beloved in Chicago.
Dimah Isa |25 | Chicago
He was the go to guy with movies.
Holly Hartman | 25 | Chicago
He was the movie guy.
Ray Drasga | 61 | Chicago
He is an icon in Chicago. He is definitely one of my heroes.
Jean Miller | 54 | Chicago
It is the end of an era. I grew up with Siskel and Ebert.
Don Williams | 77| Chicago
It is such a tragedy. He is a man that lived his life the way that he wanted to live it. He loved doing what he did and I don't think he would have changed a thing.
Andrew Harmon | 37 | Chicago
After technology took over, his reviews endured. His reviews were so well-written and poignant.
Teni Odunsi | 22 | Chicago
As a journalism student at the University of Chicago, Ebert has been an influential icon. He is a reviewer that everyone took seriously and he always reviewed everyone fairly.
Rick Murgas and Barbie Pintz-Murgas | 50 and 50| Chicago
We were both born and raised in Chicago. He grew up reading his reviews in the paper. We would live or die on what he said. If he recommended a movie, we would see it.
Brendan Wheatley | 27 | Chicago
He created a label for himself. His reviews always held a quality standard.
Jackie Sin | 28 | Chicago
He is an absolute iconic figure in Chicago, everyone trusted his opinions.Two Thumbs up!
Varun Gupta | 28 | Chicago
He was so incredibly important to the movie industry.
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