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While rain might be fun for a little singing and dancing, it is less than ideal for the conditions of your basement or crawl space. It doesn’t matter how well your house was built, or with what material the foundation was constructed, with the passage of time and Mother Nature, many previously dry basements start to leak. There are plenty of reasons why basement leakage occurs, but what matters most is why it’s not a problem you can just ignore. However, it is a problem you can fix easily by waterproofing your home.

The air you breathe indoors originates below-grade, whether that’s your basement or crawl space. That means that a damp, wet basement affects more than just that lower level, where it gets increasingly humid and moist. This creates the perfect environment for dust mites and mold to thrive. Dust mites and mold are common allergens, provoking asthma attacks, itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, and skin or throat irritation. Increased humidity can also add to the energy costs in these hot, summer months.

Basement leakage issues often correlate to structural problems, which can be expensive and difficult to fix. Structural problems like cracks, chipping, and a weakening foundation are caused by water forcing soil to expand around the house, pushing through the foundation. All these issues often contribute to a decrease in the home’s value.

Waterproofing is exactly as it sounds. It is a tedious, but essential process to fortify your basement, employing techniques and technology engineered to redirect water that leaks into your home along the wall, floor, or drain. Waterproofing your basement ultimately makes the home more livable, reduces energy costs, increases the home’s value, and prevents mold growth.

There are a plethora of methods that can be utilized in waterproofing a basement; it can be overwhelming to learn all the intricacies of interior and exterior drainage, interior sealants, and exterior waterproofing membranes. That’s why it’s best to consult professionals, who have the knowledge and experience to recommend the correct sump pumps and water drainage systems.

After consulting professionals, you’ll never worry about grabbing the mop and bucket to clean your basement seepage again. The next time it rains, go out and dance in the rain for a change! Your dry house will be waiting.

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