Local High School at Odds Over Reality Show

Von Steuben's Local School Council raises concerns over "High School Confidential"

An Albany Park high school is at odds over a new reality TV show.

WE TV's show "High School Confidential" premiered Wednesday night, and follows five Von Steuben High School female students from freshman year to graduation.

But DNAinfo.com reports that a link to a preview video has been removed from the school's web site following concerns from some Local School Council members that the show portrays the school in a bad light.

The promo shows drug use, violence and an admission from a student that she had an abortion.

But principal Pedro Alonso supports the show because it highlight the "struggles kids go through," and is urging the concerned LCS members to watch a few episodes of the show before passing judgment.

The first season of the show aired in 2008, and followed students at a Kansas City high school.

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