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The Passion Behind The Pasta

Classically trained but with a flair for progressive cooking techniques, Chef Terry is very serious about the art of making pasta. Using special, fine-grade semolina that’s not available in stores, La Buona Vita's culinary team craft all pastas in-house, from perfectly al dente penne to ravioli to linguini. The result? Authentic dishes bursting with all the flavor and mystery of Italy itself.

All pastas at La Buona Vita are made in-house, guaranteeing fresh, flavorful dishes. In the segment above, Chef Terry gives a tutorial on his mouth-watering ravioli.
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The Science Behind The Sausage

Often, the unsung MVP behind the best Italian pasta dishes is the meat. From a pitch-perfect bolognese to a hand-filled ravioli, a well-made sausage adds the right amount of flavor and heartiness to the meal. That's why Chef Terry only uses locally raised meats and makes all of his sausages right in La Buona Vita's scratch kitchen.

You can't have Penne Contadina -- La Buona Vita's signature dish -- without homemade sausage. Above, Chef Terry takes us through the subtle (and strenuous!) art of sausage-making.
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The Secret Behind The Sauce

Of course the final flourish to our favorite pastas has to be the sauce. And La Buona Vita goes big when it comes to creating slow-cooked, artisan marinaras, made-to-order alfredo's and more. Sourcing local ingredients and mixing in a nuanced array of spices, Chef Terry's deft touch in the kitchen can be tasted in each of his homemade sauces.

The other cornerstone to Penne Contadina is the creamy, house-made tomato sauce, which bursts with notes of basil, rosemary, and sage. In the clip above, Chef Terry shows us how it's done.
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Take The Flavor Home

Feel like ordering in or hosting a dinner party? La Buona Vita offers both home delivery and an extensive catering menu, which draws from the same fresh and organic ingredients, phenomenal homemade pasta, and authentic Northern Italian entrees you find in the restaurant. By working with their friendly staff, you can tailor the experience to your needs whether you’re planning a memorable celebration, hosting a holiday gathering, or organizing a corporate or community event.

We love the convivial atmosphere of La Buona Vita's dining room. You can also enjoy the restaurant's signature dishes in the comfort of your own home thanks to its extensive delivery and catering services.
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