10 Ways to Treat Yourself This Holiday Season - NBC Chicago

Throw a Onesie Party

The Holiday season is stacked with parties, most of them themed. So how do you make your's standout amid a sea of Ugly Sweater soirées? Simple: Skip the wool and embrace the plush onesie. It’s no secret Ariana loves herself a cute unisuit, so make like a dangerous woman and demand that your guests wear one too. Trust us, toasting the Holidays is always more fun when you’re zipped-up in a cuddly unicorn costume.

Have a Monopoly Marathon

We get it, sometimes you just want to stay home and chill. Especially during the Holidays, which can run you ragged with one party after the next. But staying in doesn’t mean you have to be anti-social. Board games are the perfect excuse to get family and friends together. Need some inspiration? Try a few spirited rounds of Monopoly — Ariana’s personal favorite.

Coffee Break With Your Besties

The key to any successful Holiday campaign is caffeinating. How else would you fit in all the gift-giving, themed parties and winter travel? Grabbing coffee is also a great way to hit pause on the whirlwind that is December and reconnect with the girls that ground you. So whether you’re a Starbucks fan or more of an artisanal coffee gal (hello, Blue Bottle!), make sure to schedule some downtime at your favorite java joint (and don't forget to order a Grande -- sorry, we couldn't help ourselves).

Max Out Your ClassPass

Ever wonder why New Year’s resolutions really exist? It’s because most of us are such gluttons in December that we go into January disgusted with ourselves. Why not get a head start on 2017 by treating your body right this Holiday season? ClassPass — a monthly membership that connects you to over 8,000 of the best fitness studios across the country — is a great way to stay motivated and get strong even while the daylight dwindles. Trust, girl: Future you will thank you.

Walk a Rescue Dog

Who doesn’t feel an immediate sense of relief wash over them when petting a dog? Just ask Ariana (the mother of eight dogs, many of them rescues) — four-legged therapy is one of the best ways to stay calm over a stressful Holiday season. Don’t have a pooch to call your own? Give back by heading down to your local animal shelter to walk one of their many dogs. Each year, 3.9 million dogs enter shelters; by walking one, you’ll be helping train it so that it has a better chance of being adopted.

Go 30-Day Vegan With Purple Carrot

From cocktail party hors d'oeuvres to Christmas dinner, the month of December can feel like one long buffet table. This year, instead of packing on the calories, emulate Ariana by taking the 30-day vegan challenge. Don’t know where to start? Then sign up for the Purple Carrot, a subscription meal service that delivers delicious, plant-based recipes to your door each week. By eating clean, you’ll be cutting calories, saving animals, and reducing your carbon footprint, Hey, if Ariana was able to give up her mom’s pasta, you can go vegan ‘till 2017.

Think Outside The Box For New Year's

Ok, we’re not saying watching the ball drop over Times Square is played out, we’re just saying this year you can do better. Instead of adhering to those same time-honored traditions that always leave you feeling stale — the club with the obscene cover charge; that overcrowded bar— break the mold this New Year’s by welcoming 2017 with something that feels a bit more inspired. From concerts to last-minute getaways to rejuvenating weekends, there are plenty of unexpected ways to ring in the year ahead. Now you’ve got the rest of December to plan it. Ready, set, go!

Get a Blowout

With all the aforementioned parties, it goes without saying that a girl’s got to get her hair did. Believe us, you owe it to yourself to take a breather, sit down, flip through your favorite fashion mag, and get your hair styled for all the social events dotting your to-do list. Just remember, forget the haters and do this one for yourself, gurrrl!

Crank The Christmas Music

All good elves deserve to treat themselves, too. So if you’re running around buying things for everyone on your Christmas list, don’t forget to also splurge on yourself. The SONOS PLAY:1 is the ideal gift for the Holiday season. Wifi enabled and app controlled, this sleek smart speaker accesses everything from Amazon to Apple Music to Spotify to ensure you’ll be cranking the Christmas tunes all season long. We suggest starting with a little Ariana, because who doesn’t like to Christmas and Chill?

Netflix and Binge

Speaking of chill, December is the perfect time to post up on your couch for a Netflix binge of epic proportions. After a busy week, recharge every Sunday alongside your besties and stream your favorites, from debut originals like The Crown and Luke Cage to new seasons of new classics like Gilmore Girls, Narcos and Orange is the New Black. Feel like scaring yourself? Ariana — Dangerous Woman that she is — is a huge fan of horror, so dim the lights, curl up under a blanket, and check out creepy shows like Stranger Things, Black Mirror and American Horror Story. Check out our exclusive Netflix playlist here.