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Paula Abdul On 'Idol's' Ellen Future: 'It's Going To Be A Different Show'

Former "Idol" judge says she's set to announce "very exciting stuff"



    Paula Abdul On 'Idol's' Ellen Future: 'It's Going To Be A Different Show'
    Paula Abdul wished Ellen DeGeneres luck in her new gig as an "American Idol" judge. But she says the show will be "different."

    When Paula Abdul left "American Idol," the reality competition's judges' panel lost a genuine pop "Idol" of its own – a singer with No. 1 hits and real-life experience. So with Ellen DeGeneres, a comedienne and talk show host, taking her spot alongside Simon, Randy and Kara, what does that mean for "Idol?"

    "It's just going to be a different show," Paula told Phoenix, Arizona's Johnjay & Rich on 104.7 KISS FM on Thursday.

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    Paula announced her decision to leave the top-rated FOX program on her Twitter page earlier this summer, but making that choice wasn't easy.

    "I was making that very difficult decision, where I was fighting with myself back and forth," she said, implying she had been unhappy with the status of the show. "Am I willing to go against what my beliefs are? Should I just do it and – have the same outcome? You guys know what it's like down there, you've been there many times. You're well aware of the energy that's around that."

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    As for the future, though, Paula said she's got some big announcements just around the corner.

    "I'm doing so many things, I can't wait to tell you," she said. "I've been such a part of helping other people realize their dreams and I've only scratched the surface with the things I want to do. I'm going to be producing my own shows, not just for television content and not just in America. I will be creating a show in Vegas. I'm going to be pretty soon announcing very big, exciting stuff with network and production companies, so I'm actually getting to do all the things that I not only wanted to do but represent who I am."

    And one of those things includes getting back to her roots as a Laker Girl for the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers with one of her future ventures, she revealed.

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    "I'm going to be doing a project with that!" she exclaimed.

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