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Singing Gwyneth “Glee” Clips Hit the Web



    Singing Gwyneth “Glee” Clips Hit the Web
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    Gwyneth Paltrow performs "Country Strong" at the 44th Annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena.

    From actress to pop star in under a week?

    Leaked clips of Oscar-winner Gwyneth Paltrow belting out hits by Rihanna and Cee Lo Green on “Glee” lit up the web Friday, days after Paltrow’s “Country Strong” singing debut at the Country Music Awards.

    With Paltrow’s “Glee” guest spot set to air Tuesday in an episode called “The Substitute,” scored a “first look” video of her performing “Forget You,” a family-friendly version of Cee-Lo’s mega hit with glee club members acting as backup.

    "What would you know about Cee-Lo, you're like 40?" a student is shown asking Paltrow, who’s subbed for McKinley High teacher Will Schuester.

    “Top 40, sweet cheeks,” Paltrow shoots back, tambourine in hand. “Hit It!”

    Also on Friday, the celebrity website JustJared posted audio from another Gwyneth “Glee” performance.

    The track is a mash-up of Paltrow singing Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” while Schuester, played by Matthew Morrison, plays tribute to the refrain from the oldie “Singin’ in the Rain.”

    In a Fox promo spot for the episode on YouTube that touches on the “Umbrella” dance performance, Paltrow and Morrison are shown kicking up puddles of water.

    “I felt like a kid,” Paltrow says of the scene. “It was just so silly to be in the water. I just loved it.”

    Despite her very public rebranding as a singer, Paltrow's vocal talents haven’t come from nowhere, PopEater notes.

    The actress worked her pipes in the 2000 karaoke movie “Duets.”

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