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MTV Gives "Jersey" Girl the Boot

Fiery cast member Angelina is leaving the Shore house



    MTV Gives "Jersey" Girl the Boot

    This Jersey girl wasn't long for the Garden State.

    MTV's "Jersey Shore" cast member Angelina was kicked out of the Seaside Heights, N.J., beach house because she got fired from her mandatory job after she got into a spat with her boyfriend and missed work.

    "He is one of the reasons I left," the fiery brunette told

    "I just didn't want to work," she said. "I basically got fired. I didn't care. I left. ... If I could take back time, I would, but I can't." 

    The curvy 22-year-old described herself as the Kim Kardashian of her native Staten Island and said she was stunned when her housemates were glad that she left.

    "I can't believe they were so happy I was leaving!" she said.

    Angelina, who has since split from her boyfriend, confessed that she tends to mouth off about everything.

    "I do not shut my mouth for anything," she said. "I am outspoken." 

    The newly launched reality TV show has drawn ire from critics who believe the show stereotypes Italians and promotes violence.

    MTV programming president Tony DiSanto defended the show.

    "I don't look at these characters as representing an entire ethnic group," he said.