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Conan Is Looking for a "Casual Encounter" on Craigslist

Late night talk show host puts himself on the market



    Conan Is Looking for a "Casual Encounter" on Craigslist
    Conan O'Brien is free and looking for some company.

    Conan O'Brien can't stop dragging Craigslist into his ongoing dispute with NBC.

    Just a week after the Tonight Show host tried to sell his show on the San Francisco-based classifieds website, the soon-to-be unemployed late-night comedian advertised his own availability in the notorious "Casual Encounters" section of Craigslist. The ad has since been flagged for removal.

    The disgruntled performer has also turned to eBay to make extra cash before his very public dispute with NBC executives comes to a merciful end.

    In his Craigslist ad, O'Brien describes himself as a "tall, slender redhead available for nighttime recreation" whose "drapes match the carpet."

    The 'VERY Caucasian" funnyman boasts of being about to go a whole hour but if you want him to "perform after midnight, it'll cost you!"

    O'Brien is drawing some interest, though not from Craigslist habitués. San Francisco-based onine-video network Revision3 has offered him a job hosting a new Web show. And he's also getting some -- ahem -- feelers from the porn industry.

    Here's the clip: