Watch Healthcare Workers Applaud Cleaning Staff for Their Hard Work in Heartwarming Video

The Sant Joan de Du Hospital of Barcelona
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The cleaning staff at the Sant Joan de Du Hospital of Barcelona is feeling the love.

Earlier this week, a heartwarming video of the staff receiving a round of applause from their colleagues went viral and it's reminding everyone just how important their role is amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Taken by a fellow employee, the hospital's healthcare workers can be seen applauding two members of the cleaning staff after a hard day's work. As the team assembles and the applause continues, one of the two staffers becomes emotional watching the act of kindness unfold.

The touching video was later shared on Twitter by journalist Josep Goded and now has over 133,000 retweets and over 505,000 likes. "The cleaning staff at our hospitals are hardly ever mentioned and they also deserve a tribute!" he wrote. Almost instantly, people from around the world responded with their own heartfelt messages. "I work in the hospital and we thank them every day," one Twitter user replied. "We are a team and all of us are essential."

Celebs Giving Back Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic

In addition to sharing this heartfelt moment, Goded also retweeted a video of hospital workers gathering to give a 101-year-old patient a round of applause to celebrate her recovery from the virus.

In the wake of the pandemic, the Internet has showcased the various ways healthcare workers are being honored. Over the weekend, Southwest Airlines paid tribute to the "brave souls" that flew from Atlanta, Ga. to aid the coronavirus relief efforts in New York City with a moving post to their official Instagram account.

"While so many of us continue to feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, no one knows what is happening quite like our medical professionals," the brand shared, along with a sweet image of the healthcare workers aboard a Southwest flight. "These brave souls soldier on in the midst of tremendous risk and exposure, constantly putting the needs of others above their own."

"Their selfless sacrifice is a beacon of light during such a dark time in our world, and no amount of gratitude and praise would ever be enough," the message continued. "Because of their courage, our family, our friends, our coworkers, our neighbors, and more have a fighting chance," adding, "So to all the first responders, medical professionals, healthcare workers, and anyone else on the front lines today and every day to keep us safe, thank you."

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