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The relatable reason Jamie Lee Curtis left the 2024 Oscars early

Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis revealed the hilarious reason she dipped out of the 2024 Academy Awards ceremony early after presenting Best Supporting Actress. Inside her in-and-out appearance.

Jamie Lee Curtis at the 96th Annual Oscars held at Ovation Hollywood
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Jamie Lee Curtis deserves an award for being the ultimate relatable queen.

In fact, the Oscar winner revealed that—after co-presenting the trophy for Best Supporting actress during the March 10 ceremony at Hollywood's Dolby Theatre—she actually swiftly dipped out of the telecast mid-show. As for what prompted the "Everything Everywhere All at Once" star to ditch the star-studded event early? (See every star on the red carpet here.)

Put plain and simple, a fast food craving and the comfort of her own bed.

As she posted on Instagram, "FLY IN [check emoji] GET FLUFFED AND FOLDED [check emoji] PRESENT AT OSCARS [check emoji] GO TO @inandout_burger [check emoji] FLY AWAY," along with pics for her grabbing a burger, fries and soda at the Southern California fan-favorite drive-through eatery.

Even though the 65-year-old made a quick in-and-out appearance at this year's Oscars (pun intended), she made a bold fashion statement on the red carpet in a stunning long-sleeved black gown by Dolce and Gabbana.

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Curtis elaborated on her style inspiration on Instagram, "I am wearing a gold cuff with a diamond encrusted replica of the Winged Victory of Samothrace. The statue was worshiped in a temple built for her. Cathy Waterman first saw her at the top of the stairs at the Louvre when she was a teenager, and it did something remarkable for her in that moment. It showed her that there was a huge unknown world out there, and led her to a study of ancient history. What an inspiration she's been for Cathy and It's my great honor to wear her to the Oscars on my wrist!"

Curtis' return to the Academy Awards comes one year after she won her first Oscar for her performance in "Everything Everywhere All at Once."

After a decades long career, the actress shouted out her cast and crew, telling the audience during her acceptance speech, "We just won an Oscar! To my dream team, my agent Rick Kurtzman, Heidi Schafer, Jane Ross, we just won an Oscar."

The "Halloween" star added, "To my family, my beautiful husband, Christopher Guest. Our daughters, Annie and Ruby. My sister Kelly, we just won an Oscar."

“Oppenheimer” won seven Oscars at the 2024 Academy Awards.
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