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Fallon on Repeat Polar Plunge: "Absolutely Not"

"I'm happy to be alive," "The Tonight Show" host said on Monday night's program



    Fallon's First-Person Account of the Polar Plunge

    Once was enough for Jimmy Fallon.

    "The Tonight Show" host on Monday night told his audience that a repeat dip into an icy Lake Michigan is out of the question.

    "Absolutely not. I'll donate money. I'll do whatever else. I'm not -- I mean, that was just crazy," the comedian said of Sunday's Polar Plunge.

    His participation the annual event helped the Special Olympics reach a new record for donations -- $930,000 as of Monday evening.

    Jimmy Fallon Takes Polar Plunge

    [CHI] Jimmy Fallon Takes Polar Plunge
    Watch as Jimmy Fallon runs into icy Lake Michigan for Chicago's Polar Plunge.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 27, 2015)

    "It was like 3,000 people. A great cause," Fallon said before launching into his hilarious first-person account of his plunge (his tale begins at the 7:50 mark in the video above).

    "I think the water was 30 degrees or something. It's insane. And I'm just going like, 'This is just nuts,' and I go in .. and I took a ski hat off a kid. I didn't care," he told the studio audience in a recreation complete with grunts, groans and paralyzing gestures.

    Thousands Take Part in Polar Plunge

    [CHI] Thousands Take Part in Polar Plunge
    On Sunday, hundreds of people took the Polar Plunge into Lake Michigan - - and a bet between Mayor Emanuel and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon added to the excitement. NBC 5's Susan Carlson reports.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 27, 2015)

    "I went under and, like, a couple bubbles came out and I froze ... I just stand up and I took my hat off and my hair immediately turned to icicles," he said.

    Fallon's participation came about after a Twitter exchange with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Fallon openly expressed his desire to have Emanuel on the show, and the mayor agreed to do it if the talk show host took part in the Polar Plunge.

    Emanuel got involved with the event after Chicago schoolchildren met his challenge to read two million books last summer.

    Rahm Gets Emotional at Polar Plunge

    [CHI] Rahm Gets Emotional at Polar Plunge
    Moments before Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel ran into icy Lake Michigan waters Sunday, he got emotional talking about why he was about to take the plunge.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 27, 2015)

    The mayor and the Chicago City Council on Wednesday will sign a resolution proclaiming March 2014 to be "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Month in Chicago."

    There's still no word on when Emanuel will appear on "The Tonight Show."

    NBC Chicago was a media sponsor of Sunday's event at North Avenue Beach.