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Idris Elba's Wife Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Tells Oprah Why She Stayed With Him

The couple was criticized online for not practicing social distancing, but told Oprah that Sabrina Elba was likely already exposed before his test results

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Sabrina Dwhore Elba revealed Sunday that she tested positive for coronavirus after choosing not to quarantine away from her husband, actor Idris Elba.

The couple explained their decision to stay together in an interview with Oprah Winfrey through FaceTime for an episode of “Oprah Talks: COVID-19” on Apple TV. The couple received criticism online after they posted a video explaining Idris Elba’s confirmed test results, with his wife sitting close by.

Sabrina Elba told Winfrey that it was her choice to stay with her husband, though medical experts have advised that those who test positive for coronavirus isolate away from others to slow the spread.

“I could have made the decision to put myself maybe in a separate room or stay away, and I’m sure that people are making those decisions. And they’re tough decisions to make,” Sabrina Elba said. “But I made the decision to want to be with him, and you know, still touch him.”

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