Frank Langella Calls Out Netflix, Claims Reputation Has Been ‘Tarnished

Frank Langella is speaking out after being fired from his "The Fall of The House of Usher" role due to misconduct allegations. See what he had to say here

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Frank Langella is speaking his mind.

The 84-year-old actor was fired from the Netflix series "The Fall of The House of Usher" in April due to misconduct allegations. And now, Langella is opening up about being "canceled" and how his firing was "not fair," "not just" and "not American."

Langella was accused of sexual misconduct with the actress who plays his wife on the series. In an op-ed he wrote for Deadline, the actor detailed how he remembers the encounter.

"I was performing a love scene...both of us were fully clothed," he wrote. "I was sitting on a couch, she was standing in front of me. The director called cut. 'He touched my leg,' said the actress. 'That was not in the blocking.' She then turned and walked off the set, followed by the director and the intimacy coordinator."

According to Langella, other allegations included telling "an off-color joke, calling people "baby or honey," and that he'd "hug or touch [unnamed complainant]'s shoulder."

Langella claims that when he was fired, his "representatives and I were given no opportunity to comment or collaborate on the narrative."

"I was not given a hearing with Netflix," he continued. "My request to meet one-on-one with the actress was denied. The directors and the producer stopped answering my emails and phone calls. Within 30 minutes of my firing, a letter went out to cast and crew and a full press release was sent immediately."

The actor argues that the impact of his firing "has been incalculable."

"I lost a thrilling part, the chance at future earnings, and perhaps face a stretch of unemployment," he shared. "Netflix terminated me after three months of work with only three weeks left to shoot, and I have as yet to be fully remunerated for my services. Most importantly, my reputation has been tarnished."

"These indignities are, to my mind, the real definition of unacceptable behavior," he added. E! News has reached out to Netflix for comment and has not heard back.

Since the firing, Bruce Greenwood was announced as Langella's replacement on April 29 on the series which is describes as "an epic tale of greed, horror, and tragedy."

"The Fall of the House of Usher" also stars Mark Hamill, Carla Gugino, Zach Gilford and Mary McDonnell.

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