Emma Stone Reveals Her Favorite Part of Transforming Into Disney Villain Cruella De Vil

Hide your puppies! Cruella de Vil is back -- and more fashionable than ever.

Emma Stone and Emma Thompson star in the highly-anticipated Disney+ film. Stone plays the titular classic Disney villain first made famous by the 1961 animated film "101 Dalmatians." Glenn Close portrayed the fur-obsessed fashion designer in the 1996 live action adaptation, and now 25 years later, Stone makes her debut as a Disney icon.

"It was fantastic. I really loved it," Stone gushed about showing the origin story of Cruella. "I also loved that she's kind of embracing her nature, the story of nature versus nurture a little bit. The duality of those characters was really, really fun. And it made playing Cruella even more fun because she gets to really lean into that and in a way she gets to act as Cruella... She finally really is that person. There are a lot of really interesting layers to her."

Emma Stone's Best Looks

While Stone didn't bring any of her "Cruella" bad girl habits home, co-star Thompson joked that Stone most likely will "miss the makeup trailer" after working on the over-the-top stylized set.

Stone looks almost unrecognizable with harsh cosmetics, dark lip, smudged eyeliner and the iconic half black-half white hairdo as Cruella.

"Cruella" is now in theaters and premieres May 28 to stream on Disney+.

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