Garth Brooks Wears ‘Sanders' Jersey Mistaken by Fans as Endorsement of Bernie

The country music icon donned a Lions football jersey to honor running back Barry Sanders, but some thought he was endorsing a certain democratic socialist running for president.

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Garth Brooks paid homage this week to "Sanders," unaware how wearing a football jersey with that name could be received, according to NBC News.

The country music icon wore a No. 20 Detroit Lions football jersey while playing a show in Motown on Saturday, in a tip of the cowboy hat to all-time great Lions running back Barry Sanders.

However, the routine gesture drew the ire of many Brooks fans, who mistook the "Sanders" jersey as an endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, a democratic socialist and Democratic Party presidential hopeful.

After Brooks posted pictures of himself, with the Barry Sanders Lions jersey, on his websiteInstagramTwitter and Facebook pages, he was flooded with complaints.

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