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Chocolate Factory Restaurant to Open at Universal Studios Orlando

Toothsome Chocolate Factory & Savory Feast Emporium will unlock its doors later this year



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    Universal Studios Orlando

    Universal Studios is on a roll.

    A year-round "Walking Dead" attraction is coming to Hollywood this summer, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is set to open in the same location in April, and Universal is now on track to unveil something just as sweet (pun intended).

    Universal Studios in Orlando is opening a seemingly Willy Wonka-like wonderland called Toothsome Chocolate Factory & Savory Feast Emporium.

    According to Universal Orlando's blog, the park is yet to announce an exact opening date but says it should be "later this year."  

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    The factory itself is Steampunk-themed, complete with staff in appropriate garb. Available treats include the "Bacon Brittle," which Universal Studios describes as "a fun twist on a breakfast favorite with bacon ice cream, bacon brittle, chocolate covered bacon and bacon caramel," and a milkshake topped with a entire red velvet cupcake.

    R.I.P. dignity and diet!

    In true chocolate factory fashion, you'll be able to watch treats being made in real time. Being that this is a restaurant, it will offer non-sweet treats as well. Expect burgers and all-day brunch. 

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