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WATCH: Nick Offerman as a Pizza Farmer in 'Funny or Die' Ad

The American Heart Association sponsored satirical ad was meant to comment on the state of healthy school lunches.



    Funnyman Nick Offerman has taken on a new job since TV series "Parks and Rec" ended: he now runs a pizza farm.

    Well, not really. 

    The American Heart Association teamed up with Offerman and the comedy web site "Funny or Die" to produce a video that pokes fun at the state of school lunches.

    In the video, Offerman is seen picking pepperoni slices straight from leafy plants, waters sloppy joe mix with soda, and believes french fries are "basically a salad" which is why he pairs them with ranch.

    At one point Offerman offers a young girl a taquito from a "taquito tree" and then, as an afterthought, asks if she would prefer an apple instead. She declines and upon biting the taquito, comments that her teeth feel soft.

    "If it's on a plant, it's good for you. Who cares how it got there?" Offerman says as he holds a bushel of pizza slices.

    "Our children’s health shouldn’t be a laughing matter," the American Heart Association statement says at the top of the video, linking to an online petition. "Tell lawmakers to help our kids get the healthy futures they deserve."