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New 15 Second 'The X-Files' Footage Has Been Released



    A new 15 second teaser for the revived of "The X-Files" has been released.

    FOX announced the comeback of the 90's hit in March after the show had been off air since 2002.

    Here's a breakdown of the teaser:

    First, some sort of ship seems to have crashed, to then be discovered by a small army of men with flashlights and one guy in a dark suit.

    Then, two bloody bodies are dragged towards a waiting tank.

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    The bodies (presumably) are then experimented on by a gloved hand and a mysterious tool, right before someone steps on the "I WANT TO BELIEVE" poster.

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    Enter Mulder played by David Duchovny and Scully played by Gillian Anderson to save the day.

    NBC's "Community" leading man and "The Soup" host, Joel McHale, will also be guest starring in the new six-episode installment of "The X-Files"

    "The X-Files" returns January 2016 on Fox. 

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