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Lil' Kim Sues Lawyer for $1 Million Over Endorsement Deals and Bad Licensing Agreement



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    Recording artist Lil Kim seen arriving at The Legend and The Future Dinner By Lil Kim For Tiffany Foxx at BOA Steakhouse on Friday, Feb. 1st, 2013, in West Hollywood, CA.

    Lil' Kim is firing back...again.

    The rapper recently made waves for slamming reports calling her face "physically distorted" and now, the singer is suing her lawyer and business partner, claiming she was cheated out of $1 million in endorsement money. E! News has obtained a lawsuit filed on March 8 in Manhattan Supreme Court by Lil' Kim (real name Kimberly Denise Jones) against lawyer Sunny Barkats and his business associate Andrew Ro.

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    Lil' Kim argues in the docs that Barkats entered into a series of transitions "whose purpose was to misappropriate [Kim]'s valuable trademark and branding rights, while exacting potentially enormous, unjustified fees for themselves, all to [Kim]'s ongoing detriment."

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    The 38-year-old star claims Barkats and Ro tricked her into signing a contract that would give her lawyer and business partner a 44 percent stake in a corporation licensed to promote her liquor, makeup and fashion endorsements with her brand name.

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    She also says that Barkats conspired to include "false and misleading statements and conduct" combined with "intentionally sloppy or grossly negligent legal work" when he was her legal counsel and business adviser that "enriched [Barkats] at the expense of [Kim]."

    The rapper is asking for damages to be determined at trial, but is insisting on no less than a $1 million.

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