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Jon Hamm Promises "Evening of Total Fabulosity," Gets Rejected on '90s Dating Show



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    Jon Hamm wasn't always dapper and smooth a la Don Draper. Back in 1996, he seemed more like Keanu Reeves in "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" than he did his "Mad Men" persona!

    That's when Hamm, now 43, was a 25-year-old contestant on "The Big Date," where he competed against a stuntman and finance student with frosted tips for a date with Mary Carter, a 25-year-old animation student with "a foot fetish."

    The other two gentlemen tried to woo Mary over first before Hamm, whose job was listed as "waiter" rather than "aspiring actor," had a chance to (try to) work his harm by detailing his plans for a romantic date.

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    "Well, [we'd] start off with some fabulous food," said the semi-awkward but completely endearing pre-fame star, "a little fabulous conversation, end it with a fabulous foot massage for an evening of total fabulosity."

    Um, adorable. Somehow, though, Mary picked the stuntman leaving Hamm for the taking when Shonia got her chance to choose a date. Then--and, yes, this is crazy--Shonia also skipped over Hamm, opting to stick with the peroxide-friendly financier-in-the-making. In the end, Hamm, having failed to score a date, went home alone.

    Let this be a lesson, ladies: If you can just look past the middle part, gum-smacking and awkward usage of "fabulous," you might be able to snatch up a Jon Hamm before the other gals catch on!

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