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James Corden Races Usain Bolt on 'The Late Late Show'

The 'Late Late Show' host won't be competing in the Olympic Games any time soon



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    James Corden, left, and Usain Bolt.

    Well, this pretty much turned out how you'd expect.

    "The Late Late Show" host James Corden elected to race his guest Tuesday night. Unfortunately his guest was nine-time Olympic gold medalist and "fastest man alive" Usain Bolt.

    Both Bolt and Corden were decked out in Jamaican running outfits, Bolt’s native country, and pumped up in the CBS parking lot on the starting line. They were accompanied by the entire crew of "The Late Late Show" and Owen Wilson.

    Wilson took off before the race even began, probably in the hopes that he could stand a chance against the Olympian. But once the start gun fired Bolt took an easy league. He ran off the frame within seconds as the crew, including Corden, looked sluggish behind him. Bolt might well as have been jogging.

    Bolt of course won easily, jumping and skipping to the finish line while Corden placed 20th.

    "I would’ve liked to have been in the top 15 but it wasn’t my day,
    lamented Corden in his post-race interview. "That’s the life of an athlete."