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Arby's Thanks Jon Stewart for 'Being a Friend' in Hilarious Goodbye Videos

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    "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart has poked fun at Arby's for years. Now the fast food chain has created two advertisements to air during the show's finale on Thursday, special goodbye messages to the outgoing host.

    It's not just viewers who are going to miss Jon Stewart as he wraps "The Daily Show" Thursday.

    Arby's, which has been put through the proverbial Stewart meat grinder almost more than Fox News and CNN over the years, has created two advertisements to air during Thursday's series finale, special goodbye messages to the outgoing host.

    Stewart has poked fun at the fast-food chain for years, making non sequitur pronouncements such as, "technically it's food," "you think pain and grief are hard to digest," "the meal that's a dare for your colon" and our personal favorite: "Arby's, for when you're wondering what it tastes like when a cow dies."

    In one of the videos, a montage of Stewart's best Arby's insults are played to "The Golden Girls" theme song “Thank You for Being a Friend," ending with the company saying, "Not sure why, but we will miss you."

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    The second spot features a new sandwich called The Daily Deli, which according toThe Wall Street Journal, has indeed been named in honor of "The Daily Show." In the spot, a voice says, "This is the last sandwich Arby's ever wanted to make because it means he's really leaving. This sandwich with double corned beef and deli mustard on marble rye, it's for Jon, but also it's for all of us, to eat at Arby's whenever the sad thoughts come back."

    Arby's told WSJ the ads will be a part of Thursday's finale in some sort of fashion, but it was not buying ad time for the show.

    When Stewart announced back in February that he was stepping down, Arby's tweeted, "Jon, feel free to reach out to us at" Stewart rejected the offer at the time, saying, "I do not accept your peace offering. We shall always be enemies! For while you are a worthy adversary, you shall be vanquished."

    But who knows, now that it's go-time...

    Perhaps not too surprisingly, actually, Stewart's mocking of the company was actually good for business. "Collectively, what is going on has resulted in uplift of business performance," Arby's chief executive Paul Brown told WSJ, noting that some same-store sales were up 9.6 percent for the first quarter and up 7.6 percent in the second.

    Ad buyers, meanwhile, told the paper that a 30-second spot for "The Daily Show" finale Thursday cost roughly $230,000, a package deal that included an agreement to purchase spots on other Viacom-owned channels.

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