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Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter May Inherit $49 Million

A decision has been reached.



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    6-year-old Dannielynn is Anna Nicole Smith's only surviving child.

    A decision has been reached.

    After almost a decade battling in court, a California judge made a ruling in the federal case between the estates of Anna Nicole Smith and her late ex-husband, J. Howard Marshall II, on Wednesday, reports Forbes.

    Judge David O. Carter ruled Marshall's late son, Pierce, to be sanctioned for using delaying tactics throughout the case, meaning Smith's estate could receive close to $49 million.

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    So who would stand to get the potentially massive chunk of change? Smith's only surviving child, 6-year-old daughter Dannielynn.

    While the amount of damages that Smith's daughter will receive has not yet be finalized, an Aug. 13 hearing has been set.

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