‘Work in Progress': Star of Dark Comedy Filmed in Chicago Reveals Changes in Season 2

A popular dark comedy filmed entirely in Chicago and starring a local improv artist will kick off its new season this weekend, but with a big shift.

Abby McEnany, star and creator of the Showtime show that focuses on life, love and mental health, joined Chicago Today to talk about the upcoming season, set to premiere on Sunday.

Here's a look at what she had to say:

Cortney: Thank you so much for joining us in person.

Abby: I'm thrilled to be here. Thank you for having me. It's really an honor, thank you.

Matt: You're honored? We're honored!

Abby: I cannot believe you want to talk to me. After this you'll be like 'I wish we hadn't.'

Cortney: We're already off the rails but Abby, first of all, congratulations on season two, dropping this weekend on Showtime. This show has gotten so much praise and recognition, are you still like shocked by that? Are you taking it in or how do you feel?

Abby: I think it's still kinda hard to believe. Okay, it is very hard to believe, and I think, um, yeah I don't I can't really... I can't really comprehend it you know?

Matt: And it's semi auto biographical... Last season, we saw you going through a big life change and then you're also finding new love. Where are we going to see Season Two go?

Abby: In season one, Abby was going through a lot and a lot of people will jump in and take care of her. And I think a lot of times with mental illness like sometimes it's hard to ask for help and you have to pretend you're being okay because you don't want to be a burden. So this season is a lot about like Abby showing up for other folks, and then kind of trying to keep her own struggles to herself because it's hard to always be asking and like people helping you.

Cortney: And the subject matter is deep but, you guys, it is so funny. It is brilliant if you haven't seen it.

Abby: It's a comedy!

Cortney: Julia Sweeney is in season one and season two. What was that phone call like? Especially when the plot is you confronting her from Saturday Night Live.

Abby: The show is based on a storytelling show I did at the iOS Theater in 2016, and one of the stories was about how like Julia Sweeney ruined my life. Because the Pat character, which I loved when it came out, but like when I was like, you know, coming out and like I was called Pat a lot of times like on the street, at parties and stuff by strangers... but Tim Mason, who I wrote the pilot with was like 'Well, she lives here now. Like, let's ride around.' I'm like, we don't know where...she was just so lovely and generous and was like, 'Yeah, let's do it' and it's just a dream. I still kid, Julie.

Cortney: So the whole show Work In Progress is filmed right here in Chicago, you live here in Chicago...

Abby: I do. We write the show here, and we shoot the show here and we do all our post production here. It is really phenomenal to be able to like stay and be part of this brilliant supportive community. And I hope that when we are in your neighborhoods apologies for guys for the traffic.

Cortney: Thank you Abby, we can't wait to have you back!

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