Tips to Ensure Your Indoor Plants Are Living Their Best Lives

Got an indoor plant? Here's how to keep it alive and kicking

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- Place in medium, indirect light. Philodendron prefer the medium light intensity they would have on their native tropical jungle floor. 
- Moderate soil
- Keep soil evenly moist, but allow it to try out between watering. They can be slightly drier in winter, when growth slows.
- Ideal growing temperature is between 75 degrees F and 85 degrees F during the day.

- Place in bright, indirect light. 
- Best room temperature is between 60 degrees F and 75 degrees F.
- Avoid warm air from indoor heating and cold crafts
- Keep soil evenly moist, with fairly regular waterings. But avoid making soil soggy.

- Place in indirect sun/shade mix. Avoid direct sunlight
- Temperatures between 60 degrees F and 75 degrees F are idea
- Try to keep away from cold drafts
- Keep soil slightly damp to the touch, but it can be a little drier in the winter, when growth slows.

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