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Not Everything Is As It Seems at The Darling: The Secrets and Surprises to Look For

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Inside The Darling in Chicago's West Loop, things may not be quite as they appear.

The popular cocktail bar is known for more than just its elegant and unexpected cocktail combinations, with fiery treats and hidden decorations. It's also known for its enchanting decor.

The three sections include a "ballroom," a social club and speakeasy of sorts; a library, which offers an intimate dining and drinking experience; and a rose garden, which brings an English garden vibe to Chicago's downtown.

"The Darling I think is an amalgamation of so many beautiful parts of Chicago," owner Sophie Huterstein told NBC's Chicago Today. "You've got such great chefs, such great bartenders and amazing performances and so we thought why not create everything under one roof."

The ballroom is meant to be a speakeasy for people to "escape the city," while the upstairs library has more of a lounge vibe, or as Huterstein calls it, a "classy experience but with DJs and comfortables."

But for those who venture inside, there's a special treat.

"Not all the doors and wall might be exactly what they seem," Huterstein said.

And when guests hear a particular sound in the room, it might be time to pay attention.

"When you hear the grandfather clock, that means something interesting is about to happen," she said.

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