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Top Chef Bares Back Side

This really is “the end” of one Chicago chef



    Top Chef Bares Back Side
    Graham and Elliot. Or something like that.

    Bravo's newest reality competition series, Top Chef Masters, features 24 world-renowned chefs facing off for charity. The series, which began last Wednesday, includes three Chicagoans: Rick Bayless of Frontera Grill and Topolobampo, Graham Elliot Bowles of graham elliot, and Art Smith of Table Fifty-Two.

    Culinary artist Bowles will be making his first appearance on the series on Wednesday night, but if you want a revealing peek at him before then, check out the YouTube video the Tribune discovered.

    But be warned, the video may give you more of a peek than you bargained for.

    The comedic video "graham elliot: made in merka" features Graham Elliot Bowles and Merlin Verrier in cowboy-style shirts and hats, describing the origin of the high-price, high-quality restaurant's name: graham elliot.

    Bowles explains, "[W]e always get asked if Graham Elliot is a person or a made up name, so we decided to poke fun at the idea of two guys named Graham and Elliot who open a restaurant together."

    Graham Elliot: Made in Merka
    Not Safe for Work (But Really Funny)

    "Graham" does most of the talking in the 6-minute video, saying that his partner "Elliot" is responsible for "the bookin', the lookin', and the cookin'." The cowpoke-accented character insists that his food is made here in America—"M-E-R-K-A"—and is offended at the interviewer's suggestion that the dishes are influenced by "ethnic" flavors.

    The end of the video really is the "end." Both "Graham" and "Elliot" walk away from the interview... in bum-revealing thongs.

    "Regarding the scenes at the end, we figured what better way to end the film than to have the two main characters walk off pantless," said Bowles. "As for my a** and manhood being shown closeup at the end, I agree ... there is simply no excuse or reasoning behind it."

    Click here for the exposing video, but again, it's probably NSFW.  Unless you work at Graham Elliot.

    Hopefully, Chef Bowles will put on some pants for his cable debut.

    Matt Bartosik, editor of Off the Rocks' next issue, thinks Bowles could use some sun.