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Patti Gets Nipped in the Butt

Rod’s wife is one of five finalists



    Patti Gets Nipped in the Butt
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    Patti's been bitten -- on her bottom.

    Patti Blagojevich may have found her new calling: reality competition contestant.

    Patti has survived three weeks in the jungle and is now one of five finalists left on NBC's I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

    The former governor's wife has endured quite a bit during her stay in the jungle. Along with suffering the company of former model Janice Dickenson and reality star Spencer Pratt, she has eaten tarantulas, sawed through thick logs, and dragged herself through the mud. She did, however, opt out of the last episode's challenge, which required her to stick her head in a large cube full of exotic bugs.

    Patti has most certainly had her butt kicked by the jungle. And on last night's episode, her butt was stung by the jungle, too.

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    With a cringe on her face, Patti got up from her cot and approached Stephen Baldwin and John Salley, saying, "Hey guys, I'm not getting fresh, but look at this bite right here because it feels like a stinger's in."

    She lifted the right leg of her shorts a bit, and sure enough, the boys told her that there was an insect's stinger lodged in the skin where the leg meets the bum.

    "It picked the best looking booty in the whole place to bite," said Salley.

    Patti, who had already proven herself more popular with viewers than fellow contestants Janice Dickenson and Holly Montag (The Hills), may also be more well-liked than her new best friend John Salley.

    Viewers of the show voted to spare their favorite celebrity from Monday's elimination challenge, and the person with the least votes turned out to be former basketball player "Spider" Salley. He went on to defeat Montag in a head-to-head drinking game that featured blended insect beverages.

    Montag wasn't the only celeb to leave the series last night however. Stephen Baldwin, saying he was extremely fatigued and missed his family, quit the competition and left the jungle.

    The other game players could not understand how he could leave just a few days away from the finale. Patti commented, "After you've endured twenty-something days, to leave with only five days left... And as for the people who voted for ya... How do you let the people that voted for you down?"

    Yes, Patti... how indeed.

    Matt Bartosik is the editor of Off the Rocks' next issue and a contributor for Reality Shack.

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