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Northern Trust Bust

Bailout blunders multiply



    Northern Trust Bust
    Sheryl Crow campaigns for change.

    It's bad enough that executives at Chicago-based Northern Trustthrew a series of lavish parties in Los Angeles after receiving federal bailout money.

    It's even worse that they had Sheryl Crow - ugh - perform at one these parties. (Hey Sheryl, was your check just signed over from the U.S. Treasury?)  

    Most galling is that Northern Trust didn't even need our money - they were "participating" in the federal TARP program "as a healthy bank."

    Given that Northern Trust has no need to use taxpayer money to actually, you know, make loans, we suspect that money is being used in a variety of other nefarious ways, such as:

    • Upgrade of program that steals a penny from every customer's account each week
    • Development of even finer print for all loan agreements and bank fees
    • Raises for staff mathematicians who have developed more sophisticated algorithms for charging interest
    • Added another jet to the corporate fleet; named it Sheryl
    • Funded research into ATMs that actually reach into your pocket and take your money
    • Launched takeover bid for Southern, Eastern and Western Trusts
    • Hired additional security to walk out the next 450 workers they fire
    • Approved new marketing campaign built around the theme "The bank you can trust."
    • Commissioned research on how to become a "sick" bank and get even more federal bailout money
    • Golden tees for qualifying executives

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