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Now Sandra Bullock's Ex's Ex Following Her to Austin

Lindemulder will live in a trailer, look for waitressing work



    Now Sandra Bullock's Ex's Ex Following Her to Austin
    Jesse James' baby mamas, Sandra Bullock and Janine Lindemulder.

    Everybody's following Sandra Bullock to Austin.

    First, lovelorn horndog Jesse James relocated from LA to the Texas city in what seems like a bid to woo back the Oscar winner. And now, James' pre-Bullock ex, former porn star Janine Lindemulder has told RadarOnline she's going to Austin to live in a trailer and be near the daughter she shares with James.

    "I will live in a modest trailer park, and I’ve already told Sunny that she will go from the mansion (where her dad lives) to the trailer but I’ll do whatever it takes to be close to my daughter," Lindemulder said. "It will be good for her to see both sides of life and I have promised her a puppy so she seems to be happy enough," she said.

    Lindemulder, 41, said James has increased his child support payments to $3,000 a month and is paying for therapy for her and her daughter. Once in Austin, she says she plans to get a waitressing gig and enroll in college.

    "Seriously, I am a good mom and I want to set a good example for my daughter," she said

    "It will be a big change moving down to Texas but I need to be close to my daughter - whatever happens in the future Sunny will be fine," she said. "She has two parents that love her, brothers and sisters, plus a stepmom too."

    Lindemulder married James in 2002, but the pair split after a year when she was arrested for assaulting him. The tattooed former adult film star served six months in jail for tax evasion in 2008 and lost custody to James of eight-year-old Sunny last year.

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