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Too Far? Limbaugh Calls President Obama "Jackass"

Insult seen as over the top even for right-wing motormouth



    Too Far? Limbaugh Calls President Obama "Jackass"
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    Rush to judgment over this new show.

    Rush Limbaugh saying unkind things about President Obama is hardly news, but calling the commander-in-chief "a jackass" may have been going too far even for the conservative talker.

    After a long diatribe on how Obama's tax policies are bad for the economy on Tuesday, Limbaugh wound down to a commercial with his shocking indictment.

    "He's a jackass," Limbaugh ranted. "He's an economic illiterate. He's an economic ignoramus. And that's being charitable."

    ABC's Steven Portnoy said the remarks went beyong Limbaugh's typical derision of Obama.

    "Limbaugh’s tone today may have struck the ears of regular listeners as particularly disdainful, taking his contempt of the president to a new level," wrote Portnoy.

    Limbaugh made the comments after reading an Associated Press account of Obama's meeting with his economic recovery board on Monday. At that meeting, economists Martin Feldstein and William Donaldson urged the president to encourage businesses to hire workers by extending the Bush tax cuts. Obama stood firm on his plan to allow taxes to rise for families earning $250,000 or more.

    While there's room for disagreement on the policy issue, several pundits tisked at Limbaugh's choice of words.

    "There is no question that the vast majority of those listening to Mr. Limbaugh likely agree with his sentiment, but there is a legitimate question to be asked," wrote Mediaite's Colby Hall. "Is it appropriate for an individual broadcasting over government regulated airwaves to call the sitting president a jackass? Or is he just looking for attention? Or both?"

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