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Dina Lohan Blasts Judge, Says LiLo's a Victim

LiLo's mom tells "Today" Lindsay's moving back to New York



    Dina Lohan Blasts Judge, Says LiLo's a Victim
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    The Lohan Family: Younger sister Ali Lohan, Lindsay Lohan and mother Dina Lohan.

    If it's tough love Lindsay Lohan needs, she isn't likely to get it from her mom.

    Dina Lohan appeared on "Today" with Matt Lauer where she blasted the judge who sent LiLo to jail and rehab, insisted her daughter's problems are largely created by the media and vowed to bring her back to New York, away from California's court system. She also said she would fight to get the troubled former child star out of rehab early, insisting that she doesn't have a serious problem.

    "She was in [jail] for just missing a couple of classes that she made up and she was working at the time," Dina Lohan said, appearing testy and defensive under Lauer's gentle but probing questions. "The judge went overboard and put her in serious lockdown for two weeks with murderers."

    She said her daughter didn't deserve jail, and noted that the underlying offense is a 2007 DUI, for which Dina Lohan said she voluntarily sent her daughter to rehab. The case has been kept alive by LiLo's repeated parole violations and failure to complete alcohol classes on the court-ordered schedule.

    Dina Lohan seized on the fact that LA Judge Marsha Revel has removed herself from the case after a prosecutor complained she improperly contacted experts or participants in the case privately, including a rehabilitation facility.

    "It's a really serious offense for a judge," Dina Lohan said.

    The star's mom said with Judge Revel's exit from the case, the LiLo legal team will move to curtail the 90-day rehabilitation Lohan is currently undergoing.

    "It will be," she said when Lauer asked her if the term will be shortened. "I'm not gonna speak for the attorneys. Soon."

    And when she does get finished with rehab, she won't be hanging out in Hollywood, Dina Lohan said.

    "She'll be coming back to New York," she said. "California's a wonderful state, but it's a different game you play there. It's a different court system."

    Much of her daughter's problems are "all propaganda," she said. "A lot of it is pre-orchestrated and you're reading things that aren't facts."

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