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LiLo No Mean Girl in Alcohol Classes

Court report says she shows up sober and treats others respectfully



    LiLo No Mean Girl in Alcohol Classes
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    NEW YORK - AUGUST 17: Actress Lindsay Lohan attends the Cinema Society and Hugo Boss screening of "Inglourious Basterds" at the SVA Theater on August 17, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company)

    Maybe the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan is getting back on track.

    The hard-partying redhead has done well in her court-ordered alcohol education class, never showing up drunk or treating her classmates or instructors with disrespect and maintaining a positive attitude, according to a three-page progress report released by the Los Angeles court system. The official document flies in the face of Internet reports that Lohan could face jail time for not completing her classes, as well as various sightings of her howling at the moon at clubs from from New York to Cannes.

    "The judge is concerned about Lindsay's alleged excessive partying but that doesn't necessarily mean she's facing jail time," a source close to the case told People magazine. "But it's all up to the judge at the hearing if Lohan's in violation [of her probation] or not. There might be new conditions placed on her."

    Lohan has been in France this week at the Cannes Film Festival, but on Monday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel ordered Lohan to personally show up in her courtroom on Thursday. Despite Lohan's good marks in alcohol class, she could get bad news at the hearing. L.A. Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers said if any problems come up, she'll press for up to 180 days of clink time.

    "Any failure to abide by the court order, any failure to abide by what the alcohol education program dictates, or excessive alcohol use, and I will be asking for jail time if the judge feels it constitutes a violation of probation,” Meyers told

    The progress report also says the actress "attends regularly and consistently communicates in a timely manner to reschedule [her classes]" and that "her attitude is positive and receptive to ideas regarding lifestyle changes."

    However, early on Lohan, who st tarted the program in March 2009, "struggled with consistency and punctuality in attending her scheduled activities."

    As of May 4, Lohan's attended 17 of 26 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, 19 of 26 group sessions, 24 of 26 interview sessions, and completed all six alcohol education classes.

    LiLo's mom Dina Lohan said the alcohol education program has helped her daughter get on the right path.

    "They're amazing people and it's wonderful, helpful program," Dina Lohan told People.