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Kate Gosselin Talks Jon, Dating & Whether She'll Love Again



    Kate Gosselin Talks Jon, Dating & Whether She'll Love Again
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    Kate Gosselin says she is married to her kids and career.

    Kate Gosselin stopped by Access Hollywood on Wednesday for a brand new, sit down interview with Billy Bush, where she opened up her new book, "I Just Want You to Know: Letters To My Kids on Love, Faith and Family."

    "You take a little ownership in the book of the marriage falling apart with Jon [Gosselin]," Billy began. "You take a little ownership saying, 'I, at times, was a spoiled brat.' Have you heard any feedback from him on the book?"

    "No," Kate said. "I don't know that Jon has read the book and I think that everybody whose marriage eventually falls apart has to take or should take ownership to a degree."

    Kate and ex-husband Jon's relationship has been tumultuous at best in the 10 months since announcing their separation. Despite all the accusations by Jon of her poor parenting, Kate has never publicly uttered a negative word about him."

    "How important is it to you to speak well of him?" Billy asked.

    "It is not my job to cloud my kids' opinion one way or another," Kate said. "He is their father regardless and I need to conduct myself appropriately."

    However, is there any chance Kate would ever consider getting back together with Jon?

    "People say it all the time, 'For the children. Stay together for the children.' Any chance that you and Jon would reconcile for the children?" Billy asked.

    "Sadly, I have to say that we have gone in different directions and I don't want out of life what he wants," she said. "In our situation, it is healthiest we are not under the same roof."

    When asked if a lucrative deal came along and Jon was involved in her show, would she work with him, Kate said she makes her decisions regardless of monetary reasons.

    "Money will never sway me to change my convictions," she told Billy.

    With her new single mom transformation, Kate is smoking hot. At 35, however, is she ready to date again?

    "When is the last time you've been on a date?" Billy asked.

    "Before I was married," she revealed.

    "So the last date would be [with] Jon slipping away somewhere?" Billy asked.

    "Yeah," Kate said. "I don't really have time. I don't believe there is someone out there who can handle my baggage that's too heavy to lift. I'm married to my kids and my career."

    When asked if she would consider "friends with benefits," Kate said no way.

    "No, honestly, I don't believe there is anyone out there," she said.

    No more children are in her future either.

    "If you meet the right guy and he's like, 'I don't have any yet?" Billy asked

    "Then that's the wrong guy," she said.

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