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Ice-T Evades Charges in July Traffic Fracas

It was all a big misunderstanding, prosecutors tell court



    Ice-T Evades Charges in July Traffic Fracas
    Ice-T on location for "Law & Order: SVU" on the streets of Manhattan on January 6, 2010.

    Rapper Ice-T watched the traffic charges -- driving with a suspended license and without a seatbelt -- filed against him last month melt away when he stepped into a Manhattan courtroom this morning.

    As it turns out, Ice-T's license had never been suspended in the first place. Prosecutors blamed a state DMV clerk for the error and dropped the charges Tuesday, after which a vindicated Ice-T smiled and said, "Dismissed!"  before a courtroom of friends and fans, according to The New York Post.

    "Like I said from the gate, I never broke the law," he told reporters, according to the Post. "I never had knowledge of any suspension. That's why I got so angry when they put me in handcuffs."

    Cops busted Ice-T, whose real name is Tracy Marrow, for driving with a suspended license and without a seatbelt on July 20. Ice-T had insisted that he had a valid New Jersey license. When cops didn't send him on his way, the rapper-turned-actor unleashed a profane tirade on the officers who pulled him over (one he later continued on Twitter) and he ended up getting arrested in connection with the license and seatbelt violations.

    Prosecutors said today that New York DMV records wrongly reflected that his license was suspended because of a lack of insurance. His 2009 Cadillace is, as Ice-T claimed, insured and registered in New Jersey.

    Ice-T says he didn't know about the glitch in New York records and "never broke the law."

    The rapper, who plays the hard-hitting crime-fighting Detective Fin Tutuola on "Law & Order: SUV," showed up in court at 9 a.m. today, reports the Post. He was driving with his voluptuous blonde wife Coco at the time of his arrest.

    Coco was also by her hubby's side in court today, donning her trademark heels and uber-tight ensemble, which begs the question -- which celeb did spectactors actually come to see?

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