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Dillinger Blows Away Batman in Illinois

Thursday's "Red Carpet" opening to bring stars to town



    Dillinger Blows Away Batman in Illinois
    Johnny Depp, who plays John Dillinger in the movie, is expected to be in Chicago for the film's premiere Thursday night.

    Some 70 years after John Dillinger pumped anybody who got in his way full of lead, a movie about the bank robber's life pumped nearly $47 million into the Illinois economy.

    The Illinois Film Office says the soon-to-be released film about Dillinger called "Public Enemies" that was filmed largely in Chicago and other Illinois locations brought more money into the state than any other before.

    Even Batman was no match for Dillinger.

    The $46.7 million the film generated for the state is more than $6 million more than what the filming of "The Dark Knight" meant to Illinois in 2007.

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    The film office says the filming of "Public Enemies" last spring and summer created more than 1,000 cast and crew jobs for Illinois workers and that nearly 1,800 Illinoisans worked as extras on the film.

    Michael Mann, Johnny Depp and Christian Bale are just a few of the stars expected to attend the "Public Enemies" premiere at the AMC River East Theater in Chicago Thursday night.