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Corey Haim Approached By "Celebrity Fit Club" in Last Days – Not "Rehab"



    Corey Haim Approached By "Celebrity Fit Club" in Last Days – Not "Rehab"
    Corey Haim, the child actor who was best known for his roles in 80's teen cult classics such as The Lost Boys and Lucas has died of an apparent overdose on March 10. He was 38.

    Corey Haim was not approached by VH1's "Celebrity Rehab" during the last few weeks of his life, contrary to online reports, Access Hollywood has learned.

    Instead, the star was reached out to by "Celebrity Fit Club," an offer he declined.

    According to Corey's agent, Mark Heaslip, the star did have reality plans — he had signed on for a new show about a life coach that would bring his career back. The actor also had other film projects in the works, including a picture he was set to direct.

    Corey was pronounced dead at 2:15 AM on Wednesday at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Burbank, Calif., after a few days of flu-like symptoms.

    Authorities found four prescription drug bottles inside the apartment he shared with his mother, but no illegal drugs, according to LA County Coroner's Office Assistant Chief Ed Winter. The star, who was 38, had a history of drug use and rehab attendance but no such incidents in recent years.

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