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Ashton on Britney's Twitter Overtaking: "I Don't Care"



    Ashton on Britney's Twitter Overtaking: "I Don't Care"
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    Mesh hats - not just for truckers! Thanks to celebs like Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake, and - yes - even Paris Hilton, the trucker hat was the fashion accent.

    Ashton Kutcher doesn't seem to be happy about his Twitter crown being usurped by a pop princess.

    Over the weekend, Britney Spears soared past Ashton in Twitter devotees, netting nearly 10,000 more followers (on Monday, Britney had 4,951,801 followers to Ashton's 4,942,273), and Ashton hinted he wasn't happy at being asked about the social networking eclipse at the junket for his new movie with Katherine Heigl, "Killers."

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    "2nd most pop Q "What do U think about Brittney having more followers than u?" Ashton Tweeted early Sunday evening. "Answer "I don't care. Aren't u suppose 2B a movie reporter?"

    The Twitter-related question may have been tough for Ashton to stomach as he and wife Demi Moore were early proponents of the 140-character limited social networking Web site. Additionally, Britney's account, which is updated by the pop princess' team and occasionally the singer, has far fewer Tweets since it was opened – just 378 to Ashton's nearly 5,500.

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    Back in April, Ashton became the first Twitter member to net 1 million followers, beating out CNN's Twitter page, in a publicized battle to the top.

    In related news, the former "That '70s Show" star also took issue with another question he got asked while promoting "Killers."

    "Press junket 4 Killers complete. Most popular Question… "R U having a baby?" Answer…"No. Aren't u suppose 2B a movie reporter?" he Tweeted.

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    "Killers," about an assassin who marries an unsuspecting computer tech, opens July 4.

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