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"Breakfast Club" Screenplay Found at Suburban Chicago School During Move



    "Breakfast Club" Screenplay Found at Suburban Chicago School During Move
    Considered one of the greatest cult teen films of all time, The Breakfast Club is the story of a group of teenagers from different cliques trapped together in Saturday detention. The film was directed and written by John Hughes, and shot entirely in sequence.

    Officials at a northwest suburban Chicago school district reportedly discovered a piece of 1980s film history while they were packing up offices during a recent move.

    Staff at Maine Township High School District 207 say they found an original screenplay of “The Breakfast Club” while preparing for Park Ridge’s Maine South High School move last month.

    District 207 Superintendent Ken Wallace told the Chicago Tribune that an assistant was going through a filing cabinet and found a file that had a manuscript from the film dated Sept. 21, 1983.

    Much of the iconic film was filmed at the school in 1984.

    The Tribunereports the cover of the script has the words “Reviewed and approved by Dr. Murphy” on it, indicating it’s a copy of the screenplay given to then-superintendent John Murphy.

    One big difference between the script and the film is reportedly the name of Molly Ringwald’s character, which was originally Cathy Douglas, not Claire Standish.

    "The Breakfast Club" most recently celebrated its 30th anniversary with a special South by Southwest film festival screening.

    The film chronicles five teens subjected to spend Saturday in detention at the fictional Shermer High School in Illinois. Played by Ringwald, Sheedy, Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall and Judd Nelson, the students aren't all initially friends, but become close by day's end.

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