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A Win For Right To Repair: Apple Announces Future Repair Program for Popular Devices

Consumers have been pushing manufacturers of all types to lessen repair restrictions. Now, after federal support earlier this year, one major manufacturer announces changes in 2022.

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Consumers have been fighting for years to have the right to repair their devices more easily and now, they received a small holiday gift.

Apple announced last month that starting in 2022, it will offer parts, tools and manuals for some of its most popular devices, including the iPhone 12 and 13. 

The news comes after earlier this year, the Federal Trade Commission voted to draft new policies that would require manufacturers to drop strict repair restrictions. 

The types of manufacturers it would impact range from makers of laptops and phones to newer cars, even farm equipment like tractors.

For years, advocates of the “right-to-repair” movement have been pushing for lawmakers to step in and give consumers the ability to repair or modify electronic devices. This month, right-to-repair advocates had their wish granted. Lisa Parker with NBC 5 Responds reports.

News like Apple’s 2022 self-repair program will also impact small repair businesses across the country, who say consumers who choose a repair over a full replacement reduce electronic waste, and most of all, save money in the long run.

NBC 5 Responds met with technicians of one repair shop in Chicago’s loop. Watch the full report in the video at the top of this story.

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