Chicago Mayoral Election 2023

These Races Appear to be Headed to Runoffs in the Chicago Elections

An eventful night in the city of Chicago was capped off by razor-thin margins and tight races all over the board, with the city’s mayoral race and more than a dozen aldermanic races likely heading to runoffs later this year.

If no candidate receives 50% of the vote in a given race, then a runoff between the top-two contenders will take place on April 4, and that list of races includes a showdown that will determine the city’s next mayor after Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost her reelection bid.

Here’s where things stand now.

Chicago Mayoral Race

While the final vote tallies have not been released by the CBOE, through concessions and projections it appears that the runoff for mayor will pit former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas against Cook County Commissioner, and Chicago Teachers Union-backed, Brandon Johnson.

You can read our first impressions of the race here.

Ward 1

While there is still one precinct left to report, Ald. Daniel La Spata may be facing a runoff challenge from Sam Royko. He is barely under the 50% threshold according to the latest returns, so mail-in ballots could prove critical in determining whether that race will carry forward into April.

Ward 4

Lamont Robinson put in a strong performance in the race to replace Sophia King, but it appears that the race will head to a runoff, as Robinson only managed to get 46% of the vote with 100% of precincts reporting.

As things stand now, Prentice Butler is in second with 15% of the vote, but only has a lead of 60 votes over Ebony Lucas, so a recount may be required in that race.

Ward 5

Desmon Yancy appears ticketed for a runoff in the race to replace Leslie Hairston, and in all likelihood his opponent will be Martina Horne, who holds a lead of more than 400 votes over Renita Ward.

Ward 6

Even with one more precinct to count, it appears that William Hall and Richard Wooten will compete in a runoff to replace Roderick Sawyer.

Ward 10

Peter Chico and Ana Guajardo appear ticketed for a runoff race in this battle to replace Susan Sadlowski-Garza.

Ward 11

Ald. Nicole Lee, appointed by Mayor Lori Lightfoot, will face a runoff challenge in her race for a full term, as she’ll likely face Anthony Ciaravino, who trails her by just 17 votes with 100% of precincts reporting.

Ward 21

Ronnie Mosley holds a lead in this race of more than 300 votes over Cornell Dantzler, with those two candidates potentially facing off in a runoff to replace Howard Brookins Jr.

Preston Brown trails by more than 400 votes, so a recount could occur.

Ward 24

Another Lightfoot appointee, Ald. Monique Scott is heading for a runoff, where she will likely face Creative Scott. Vetress Boyce did finish 145 votes behind Creative Scott.

Ward 30

The battle to replace Ald. Ariel Reboyras will head to a recount, with Jessica Gutiérrez holding a substantial lead for the top spot. Ruth Cruz will likely finish in second in that race when recounts and mail-in ballots are finalized.

Ward 36

In one of the more noteworthy matchups of the evening, Ald. Gilbert Villegas will face a runoff in April against Leonor Torres Whitt after failing to reach the 50% threshold.

Ward 43

Incumbent Ald. Timmy Knudsen only drew 27% of the vote in his ward, and will likely face Brian Comer in a runoff. Rebecca Janowitz trails by more than 600 votes, making a comeback unlikely in this one.

Ward 45

Ald. James Gardiner is narrowly short of the 50% threshold in his race for reelection, with Megan Mathias holding an edge of 250 votes over James Suh with one precinct left to report.

Ward 46

Angela Clay, with 35% of the vote, and Kim Walz, with 26% of the vote, appear to be headed to a runoff to succeed James Cappleman.

Ward 48

The battle to replace Ald. Harry Osterman will head to a runoff, with Joe Dunne and Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth likely facing off. Nick Ward came up just over 400 votes short of making it into that race.

Editor's Note: This story has been corrected to reflect the correct names of the candidates in the 45th and 46th Wards.

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