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'Top Chef' Alum Shares Guacamole Recipes With a Twist



    Cafe 5: 'Top Chef' Alum Shares Guacamole Recipes With A Twist

    Lights, camera, napkin! Alex Maragos joins "Top Chef" alum Katsuji TanabeI as the chef shares his guacamole recipes with a twist! 

    (Published Wednesday, June 5, 2019)

    In this segment of “Café 5,” Chef Katsuji Tanabe showcases a trio of guacamoles- including his traditional pineapple hibiscus and chipotle - while talking about the exciting lineup of encore events for Chicago Gourmet. 

    The week-long event kicks off with a VIP evening at the theatre to see “Hamilton” with Chef Rick Bayless, complete with an exclusive Q&A with a cast member after the show. Inspired by everyone’s favorite mob movie, Italian Feast on the Odyssey Chicago River will have guests saying “arrivederci” as they set sail; Jeff Mauro hosts a star-studded Jef Comedy Jam at Theater on the Lake; and Chef Sarah Grueneberg will spice things up with The Big Chill(i): Gourmet Chili Cook-Off on the Harris Theater Rooftop. Returning by popular demand are favorites Battle of the Masters and Rise & Shine Gourmet along with other not-to-be missed revelries. 

    Tickets for all of the festivities are available now. 


    Cafe 5: Thai-Style Pork Omelet

    [CHI] Cafe 5: Thai-Style Pork Omelet

    A Cafe 5 preview as the countdown to Chicago Gourmet begins. 

    (Published Wednesday, May 29, 2019)

    Summer and guacamole go hand-in-hand and as good as the avocado-based dip is without any extra seasonal ingredients, it is even better when Top Chef alum Katsuji Tanabe includes some grilled pineapple and mangos to it. Season up the guacamole with Chef Tanabe’s summertime guacamole: Pineapple Hibiscus and Chipotle Mango Guacamole served at Barrio. He uses five ingredients to make his delicious year-round guacamole but then adds in a few extra ingredients to create a delicious and acceptable summer-flavored guacamole.

    To make roasted sweet potato topping – sautee the potatoes, bacon and dried cranberries in a skillet on medium heat. Once all the ingredients are cooked, set aside and let it cool. Then, mix in with the guacamole and drizzle maple syrup over everything and top off with pepitas pumpkin seeds and goat cheese.

    Guacamole Ingredients:

    Cafe 5: Recipe for Sausage Stuffed Peppers

    [CHI] Cafe 5: Recipe for Sausage Stuffed Peppers

    In this segment of Cafe 5, Chef Johnny Anderes of Bar Biscay shares his recipe for sausage stuffed peppers in honor of Chicago Gourmet's ticket launch happening this week.

    (Published Wednesday, April 10, 2019)

    Serves 4-6

    -Guacamole Base-

    2 large size ripe avocados

    1/2 cup dice tomatillo

    1/4 cup lime juice

    1/4 cup chopped cilantro

    2 tbsp kosher salt

    1/4 cup small dice red onion

    Dice the avocado and scoop out in a mixing bowl

    Add tomatillos, lime juice, salt, cilantro, and jalapeno to the blender. Blend until smooth.

    Then fold into the diced avocado and diced onions


    Pineapple Hibiscus Guacamole Ingredients:

    -Guacamole Base-

    1/2 C large diced pineapple (grilled)

    2 tsp of jalapeno

    Hibiscus glaze:

    1 C dry hibiscus

    3 cups of water

    3 cups of sugar

    Combine all the ingredients and bring them to a boil mix. Then strain into a bowl.

    Pour into a pot to boil and reduce 1/4 or until you get the syrup consistency.

    To make the Pineapple Hibiscus Guacamole:

    1. Transfer the already made guacamole to a serving bowl.

    2. Add the pineapple and jalapeno to the guacamole.

    3. Mix all ingredients together and garnish with a hibiscus glaze.

    Chipotle Mango Guacamole Ingredients:

    -Guacamole Base-

    1/2 C chopped mangos

    2 tsp fresno chili peppers

    2 tsp diced red onion

    Chipotle Puree:

    1 can chipotle

    1 cup lime juice

    1/2 cup olive oil

    2 sp salt kosher

    Blend all together for a spicy sauce

    To make the Chipotle Mango Guacamole:

    1. Transfer the already made guacamole to a serving bowl.

    2. Add the chopped mangos that have been tossed in a chipotle glaze.

    3. Add in Fresno chili peppers and red onions.

    4. Mix all ingredients together and serve.

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