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Walsh Invites Obama to Town Hall Meeting



    Walsh Invites Obama to Town Hall Meeting

    The president will be in Illinois on Wednesday, and Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh has an invitation for the Commander in Chief from his own state: come to my town hall meeting.

    "President [Barack] Obama does not understand what makes the American economy tick. He needs to get out and talk to real folks in an open unscripted format. He needs to listen for a change," the conservative Congressman said in a statement released Tuesday.

    Walsh has repeatedly attacked the president on fiscal issues, even recently taking to his YouTube channel and telling Obama to "quit lying" to the American people.

    "Have you no shame, sir?” Walsh asks in the video, telling the president to "show some leadership for once."

    Obama is currently on a three-day bus tour and will make stops in the small villages of Atkinson and Alpha in Republican-leaning Henry County on Wednesday. That's no where near Walsh's 8th Congressional District, which covers Chicago's northern suburbs. Nor does Walsh's statement specify a date for a specific town hall meeting.

    The White House has not commented publicly on the invitation.