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Tom Dart Running? He Says Maybe, Sources Say Definitely



    Dart: Not Making Mayoral Run Decision Right Now

    Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says he's not making a decision right now, even as sources close to him say he's fully committed to a run. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2010)

    Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said Wednesday he woulsn't decide on a mayoral run for a few weeks, but sources close to the sheriff say he's definitely running.

    Asked today whether he's planning to run, Dart said "I'm going to give it a few weeks." Dart says he's had "lots of people" approach him and he's been having conversations about what he could do best.

    "I know I do this job very well and I enjoy it, but are there things I can do well in other areas, possibly," Dart said. "Just trying to work through that now ... I love what I'm doing here."

    Dart said that exploring a possible run would take some time, and that right now he's pretty busy being sheriff.

    But sources close to Dart say he's "definitely" running, according to the AP. From the report:

    "He's all the way in,'' said one person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to talk publicly about Dart's plans. "He's decided to run.''

    If Dart runs, he'll likely be going up against Rahm Emanuel, who's been reaching out to possible contenders and polling likely voters in recent weeks.

    Asked Wednesday whether Emanuel has contacted him, Dart said he's been busy all day and hasn't gone through all his messages yet.

    "I've been quite busy," Dart said. "But no, I haven't gotten any phone calls."

    Dart says he isn't looking to other potential candidates for how to proceed, and that he doesn't have any idea what Emanuel's plans are.


    Dart also has been calling public officials and business people to tell them of his decision to run, the person said. A Chicago businessman and close Dart friend, also speaking on condition of anonymity because he did not want to pre-empt the sheriff's announcement, confirmed he had received such a call from Dart.

    He had been seriously considering a run ever since Daley's surprise announcement earlier this month that he won't run for a seventh term. Dart also is running for sheriff in the November elections, and is widely expected to be re-elected.