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Scott Lee Cohen for Illinois Senate?



    Scott Lee Cohen for Illinois Senate?

    Scott Lee Cohen, the former pawnbroker-turned-politician who abandoned a campaign for Illinois' lieutenant governor before mounting a failed campaign for the state's highest office, could be back in politics sooner than even he expected.

    "He is not seeking the open Senate seat. The seat is seeking him," Cohen spokeswoman Kathy Posner said Thursday of the seat recently vacated by Rickey "Hollywood" Hendon. 

    Reported the Chicago Tribune

    Posner clarified that it was several committeemen on that panel who reached out to Cohen.

    "He'd be honored to serve," she said.

    Cohen made no mention of the plans during a one-on-one interview with NBC Chicago earlier this week, but did promise to one day get back into politics.

    The meeting to slate a replacement for Hendon is planned for Monday afternoon. Hendon, apparently frustrated with politics, abruptly resigned last month after serving the district for nearly 20 years.