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Blago Plans Pre-Prison Statement



    Call it Rod Blagojevich's last hurrah.

    The former Illinois governor plans a final public appearance before he goes to prison next week, his publicist said Wednesday.

    Glenn Selig said Blagojevich will make the statement in person in Chicago but wouldn't discuss other details.

    Since his December sentencing for corruption, Blagojevich hasn't granted interviews. His attorneys say he wants to enter prison in a dignified way, without media frenzy.

    Blagojevich has previously quoted Henry IV and Rudyard Kipling, and of course, there's the famous "golden" quote captured on secret FBI recordings. It's anyone's guess as to what he might say before heading off to the big house.

    Earlier this week, Blagojevich was issued his prison number in advance of his 14-year stay.